The main news of the day
The main news of the day

A consortium of construction companies led by OHL ŽS has completed the modernisation of a railway line between Nové Mesto nad Váhom and Zlatovce. The work took four years and cost 232 million EUR (approximately six billion CZK).

The Vodovody a kanalizace (VAK) Náchod waterworks invested a record 183 million CZK in 2012. Most of the money went into an overhaul of the water treatment plant in Náchod and building new connections in Horní Teplice.

New World Resources (NWR) still does not have a buyer for its Důl Paskov mine near Karviná. If a buyer is not found, the mine may have to close. There are several parties interested in the OKK coking company, which is also up for sale.

Gumotex from Břeclav, which specialises in producing bed mattresses and car interior fittings, is planning over the next three years to significantly increase its turnover and profit. It intends to invest in technology and take on new employees.

Recent changes in shareholding structure at Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace (SmVaK) Ostrava will not cause staff redundancies. No dramatic increase in prices is planned either. New Board members may be appointed.

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