Export strategy has reduced Czech Republic’s dependence on EU markets

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Czech entrepreneurs positively evaluate the annual performance of the export strategy of the Czech Republic approved by the government for the period 2012 — 2020 ("strategy”).

The rightness of the strategy goals is confirmed by the figures od exports to priority and interest countries. The results speak for themselves, exports to priority and interest countries for the above period increased by 20 per cent. In financial terms, 340 billion of the Czech crowns accounts for the priority and 173 billion for the interest countries.

 "These figures clearly show that the Ministry of Industry and Trade together with entrepreneurs has correctly chosen markets for the Czech business,” said the Minister of Industry and Trade Kuba. This fact is confirmed by the reduced proportion of exports to the European Union from 83 per cent to less than 81 per cent, and also due to the fact that the total exports grew at a rate of six per cent and reached its historic pitch for the first time exceeded three billion Czech crowns.

The extensive last year´s support of the MIT actively contributed to these indicators. The Minister visited a total of 14 countries. The MIT was sitting in 23 joint committees and prepared intergovernmental and ministerial agreements with Ecuador, Iraq and Thailand.

"Despite the present very good results, this year we even reinforce our efforts for Czech exporters. We plan to visit 15 countries, including the sub—Saharan Africa. We will be sitting at least in 26 joint commissions, and we will continue to work on intergovernmental agreements with countries such as Egypt, Bangladesh and Nigeria, which offers great opportunities for our companies on the local market, which can even act as a gateway to other adjacent markets,” said Minister Kuba, suggesting further plans to support Czech exports.

The implementation of the export strategy was also facilitated by the last year's marketing support abroad. In 2012, the MIT prepared thirty official presentations for more than 352 participants, and offered to more than 2,800 companies to partake in 186 fairs within its specialized program for exhibitions and fairs.

An expanding overseas business network of the MIT, which now has 48 offices instead of the original 38 ones, is an important factor for fulfilment of the export strategy. Besides that, there will be held a selection process for nine more representations in abroad, and accordingly, the network will be fully covered by the beginning of the holiday season.

In order to provide better and more accessible services for exporters a new portfolio, focusing on counselling, education, information services and foreign networks has been introduced.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

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