Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic
The long-term goal of the Initiative is to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the Czech Republic at the time of the onset of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution in the world.
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Czech entrepreneurs positively evaluate the annual performance of the export strategy of the Czech Republic approved by the government for the period 2012 — 2020 ("strategy”).


Thanks to the CzechAccelerator 2011-2014 project, another Czech start-up has travelled to the United States and is already collecting prizes in local competitions. Creativity is the key to success.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with the Czech Trade Inspection, prepares a complex solution to increase pressure on fraudulent businessmen.

The number of new investment projects mediated by CzechInvest is continually growing. In 2012, they brought more than CZK 26 billion to the country and create more than 12,000 new jobs.


From January to 11 July 2012 CzechInvest received seven investment-incentives applications. In contrast with that figure, the agency received a total of 41 applications between 12 July and the end of last year.

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